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    HDMI no longer works.


      I have an HP G62 laptop. It's about a year and a half old. I've hooked it up to my TV, an AOC LCD television, via the HDMI out port on the computer, to use as a monitor and to watch movies. While on vacation, I attempted to hook the computer up to a TV at a hotel -- it didn't take, but I did some Googling and adjusted some settings, and then it worked fine. The video card is an Intel HD Graphics card.


      Now that I'm back home, however, I can not get the computer to acknowledge the HDMI port at all. It doesn't recognize that it's connected to anything, and when I use the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel and attempt to adjust the monitor/TV settings, all I get is "Monitor and TV Settings Are Not Supported."


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, but the problem is the same. I know I probably ought to have written down the settings I adjusted, but I didn't anticipate this problem and am not sure what to do now. As it is right now, neither the computer nor the television seem to do anything differently when the HDMI cable is connecting the two. I also tried to hook the computer up to a different television by the HDMI out, and had the same result, so I don't think the problem is on the TV end.


      Any help?

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          I recommend you to enable the clone display configuration through the video driver console following the information on this URL:




          Also make sure that the internal configuration of the TV is set to use the HDMI port as the input signal source.


          Also try hot plugging the hdmi cable while the video driver console is opened, and try also resting the computer with the cable already connected and checking if you get any video signal while the system is posting.


          In addition, update the BIOS of the computer, this will update the video BIOS of your computer. If possible try using another HDMI cable and port. Make sure to test this using the laptop connected to the AC power, not using the laptop's battery.


          Furthermore, check with the laptop manufacturer and verify the the HDMI port on the computer is enabled and fully functional.