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    Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapters all stop seeing other computers and server


      I have 3 PC's, each of which is running Windows 7 x64, and each of which had no prior problems connecting to the internet or the network via their PCI-e Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapters.  Over the course of the last week, each PC started connecting to "Network 2", instead of the usual Network, and while they could connect to the internet, they would not see the other PCs on the network or the Windows Home Server.  I tried disabling the adapter, deleting the Network and Network 2 profiles, and then re-enabling the adapters.  While this allowed the adapters to connect to the Network Profile, none of the other PCs on the network or the WHS could be accessed, even though I still had full internet connectivity.


      When I disconnected the ethernet cables from the Intel CT adapters, and connected them to the embedded adapters on each PC's motherboard, the network was instantly discovered, so I thinking the culprit must be the CT adapters.  However, it can't be possible that all three failed at the same time, or in the same manner.  There has to be something else going on...


      I'm certainly no networking expert, so I would appreciate any help from the community.  I paid a decent premium for these adapters, and all are using the most recent drivers.  Suggestions?




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