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    Graphics update problems


      Hi there.

      Maybe 3 months ago, I realised to download and install Intel Graphics update - as always I do once/twice a month. In the start of updating process, that dots were loading till I got with black screen and then BSoD. After waiting BSoD to disappear, I wasn't able to start my Windows. It bringed me the repair table, but It didn't work, so I had to use "Last Known Good Configuration" and uninstall the driver (to get previous version), so I got the PC working on the normal state! (Except for the outdated driver, It was making me to worry)
      After some months (these days), I thought to download the update again and see what happens now. Version was The application updating the graphics driver, dots loading, black screen and restart. Windows launched sucessfully and I got with table, that Windows had restored. I thought to use "Safe Mode", so I could do everything safe and right. Update was sucessfull, but when I tried to open the control panel, I came up with error: "The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b...". So, I opened the installation/update package of Intel (with 7-zip), found GfxUI.exe and permuted it to original (non-working) one. The panel launched sucessfully, without any error tables. But I still got the bugs in some appliactions, for example: In Minecraft, I'm not able to turn render distance to far, because it freezes. In the older version of driver, I was able to do it.
      Even I tried to update the driver again, but It just crashed GfxUI.exe and I had to permute it again.
      How do I update my graphics driver normally again?
      Thanks a lot.
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          I have checked the driver with one of our systems and we have not seen any similar issue. I suggest you to test using the previous version of the driver, version, or try doing a have disk installation of the latest driver using the information on this site:




          Keep in mind that we provide generic drivers for the video controllers we designed, however, your computer or motherboard manufacturer can add, remove change and customize some of the settings on it, therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes. So if the issue persists, try using the drivers directly provided by your computer or Original Equipment Manufacturer.