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    No answers from Intel, why?


      I'm visiting this forum for a while and I noticed that some topics are answered by Intel staff (people like Jose_Intel and Ricardo_Intel) while many others, maybe the most of all, seem to be ignored, even with constant messages from the users.


      Why Intel doesn't answer?

      Isn't it the purpose of this forum?

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          hi rsnetto,


          i agree with you.


          especially when the users put important informations in their posts,

          about compatibility issues for mainboards very helpful for intel.


          i wonder how we users may input our experience to make the intel products working better for the customers.



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            The forums are intended as a user to user group to help each other out.

            Intel folks on the  forums will contribute and chip in if they have something positive to contribute, but  if the thread is unclear as to the issue or outside the Intel persons area of expertise they generally just monitor the thread and see what develops. Their are also times when the forum gets busy (or spammed) and the thread get lost from casual visiability. (I know when I log in for fun, I usually look at the first page or two and then switch to HULU . If you don't get a responce, it never hurts to add a bump to get it back to the top of the POST list.



            This pretty much says it



            The communityis designed to enable customers to resolve issues, share best practices, and discuss emerging trends. Our goal is to foster collaboration and idea sharing through discussions, groups, blogs, wikis, profiles, and polls. Peer to Peer sharing is encouraged, but please take a moment to read our Community Guidelines before participating.



            Intel Support

            There are a number of Intel support engineers in the community answering questions, providing guidance, and giving advice about Intel products. For DRIVERS  & DOWNLOADS, visit Intel Download Center,

            Visit Intel Support if you need Intel tech support.

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              thanks Doc_SilverCreek,


              for your comment.


              the question is still, how the bug reporting is organized..

              if  the user and the bug reports get lost, this is really a big loss of energy.


              and it does not make intel products better to use for the customer.



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                The answer to this one is tough only because Intel is a huge company, with dozen of divisions producing thousands of products which they wholesale to distributors and ODM's. So depending on the specific product the complete answer may vary.


                The disrtubutors and ODM's have direct support channels to Intel but Intel realizes that sometimes the distrubutor or ODM from which you bought your product may not have a support team that meets your needs as the end user.

                To help the end users, Intel provides these open forums where you can ask just about any computer question and get some assistance.

                So the first step for most users are these forums because a lot of issues are easily addressed and documented here,


                If you don't find something here, Intel Customer Support.http://www.intel.com/support/index.htm  (Which is a division all by itself) can help.

                These guys are the front line troops who's job it is to help users.Many of the moderators in these forums work in ICS and they keep a sharpe eye on the forums POSTs for their areas of responsibility. Since the forums are a bit large, it is important to open a discussion in the correct catagory. (i.e. if you open a server question in desktops or general, the server team may not see it.)


                If you don't see what you need in the forums, open a service ticket at the link above, it is tracked and usually resolved by this team, but if you manage to stump them there are product Technical Marketing engineers followed by product Responsible Engineers who are the specialists and can address any issue related to their product.


                Hope that helps  -- I am headed back to Server land

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                  thanks Doc_SilverCreek for your answer.


                  i think, the title of the thread is not right.


                  i am a newcomer on intel.

                  but when i contacted the customer support, they even called me back on the phone.


                  all the last 10 years i have been building asus and i have quit them cause of the anonym support.


                  i'm happy to be at intel.


                  meanwhile i received also some email addresses to post bug reports,

                  like for the enterprises i'm testing for,

                  steinberg, fxpansion, voxengo, etc.


                  take care.

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                    Thank you for forwarding your concern rsnetto (and all other users on this thread).


                    The purpose of these forums is indeed, a mean for users to share their experiences, comments and issues they might be having, which may have a common solution. It is truly impossible for the Intel Staff to monitor all the forums in the Community, and we try to handle threads that have very high, or very low activity.


                    If you would like to receive direct, live support from Intel, you can contact Intel(R) Technical Support.

                    Email: crmotherboard@mailbox.intel.com

                    Chat: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=desktop

                    Phone: 916-377-7000


                    I hope this answers your question.



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                      i know this email address dsome days ago.


                      i have already sent a bugreport there.

                      but they seam to have forwarded this mail to the support of my region.

                      and they didn't know what to do with it.


                      sending a bugreport (in my case for XTU issues) does not always mean, that i need support.

                      ofcourse a bug in XTU is also a problem, but not comparable, if my board would not boot up.


                      anyway i have the feeling, that you people of intel try really the best you can and are really sympathic.




                      no wonder, intel for computers is for me like mercedes for cars.