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    Later Intel Chipsets vs Crossfire


      Hi All,


      I'm posting here (at Intel) in the hope I am not the only one trying to get ATI Crossfire to work on the X38/48 Chipset. I am an IT professional of some 20+ years experience and one would hope by now that I have the process of PC assembly down-pat. Build-Spec follows;



      Intel DX48BT2 "Bonetrail 2" with BIOS revision "BTX3810J.86A.1893" (A DX38BT BIOS in fact)



      Intel QX9650 (Quad Xeon @ 3.0 GHz)



      8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 1333 MHz DRAM



      {and here's the kicker} 2 x ASUS EAH4870/HDTI/512M/A VGA Cards



      1200 Watt PSU.



      Now nothing is overclocked in any way... all stock as it came out of the box, with the exception of a BIOS update to the Motherboard. I cannot for the life of me get this rig to recognize that Crossfire even exists, let alone enable it.



      Is there perhaps some sort of compatibility problem with the X38/48 Chipset and these later Graphics cards. I've scoured all the relevant discussion groups that I could find, but unfortunately many of them are clouded with Hard-Core Gamers who simply rant-on about how much they've been able to overclock something. I was kind-of hoping to get some opinions / feedback from some IT professionals who have had similar experiences.



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