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    Trouble installing Ralink RT8070 onto DP67BG


      I bought this awesome DP67BG a couple of months back after my MSi GD-55A-B3 board I had fried.


      Included in the packaging was a Ralink RT8070 Wifi/Bluetooth modlue that is supposed to be installed onto a spare usb header on the board. I cat get the system to recognize; it is only displayed as an unknown device, I cant update the driver either, Windows says that the driver is up to date. According to Windows, it shuts down for working imprperly (code 43.) I have tried USB_1, USB_2 and USB_ 3 and installed all of the drivers, and  rechecked for bent pins on the board. So far i dont have any more ideas to fix it.


      Any thoughts or advice from anyone who has gotten the module to work?






      Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1

      Intel i5-2500k

      2 GTX460 1024mb cards w/ SLI

      Intel DP67BG

      Xtreem 1333mhz RAM (2x 4gb)

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          If you uninstall the Unkown device in device manager and then use the drivers from the manufacturers website does that make any difference? You should reboot after uninstalling in device manager and then Plug and Play should pick up the device in need of drivers when you get back into Windows.


          Are you sure the unknown device is in fact this Ralink item (unplugging it will confirm that as it won't come back after a reboot).

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            I cant even install a driver for it as it says the it it already up to date... I uninstall the 'Unknown Device Driver" that is supposedly installed, unplug it from the header and reboot. I then install the correct software, plug in the adapter's cord into the spare USB header and it still comes up as an unknown device.


            Here is the device info

            Device error.jpg


            here are the instructions from intel:



            The link in the instrucions is dead.





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              Have you confirmed this unknown device is, in fact the correct bit, by unplugging the RT8070 and rebooting to see if that unknown device goes away? If the same unknown device is still there then that means its something else without (the correct) drivers.


              If it won't let you use the latest drivers from the manufacturers website (that I linked to above) by the standard install (and you'll have to read their instructions for more on that), how about updating to these drivers by extracting their contents to a new folder and updating the driver with the new ones (using the update driver button in the driver tab of the device properties)? I don't have one of these devices but this is what I'd normally do in the event of problems installing drivers.


              Have you edited the registry on this PC at all and how has the PC been performing generally? Which USB port are you attempting to connect it to - try a USB 2.0 port and NOT USB 3.0 or simply change to a different USB 2.0 port to see if that makes a difference.

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                Did you ever figure out how to fix the problem? I'm having the same problem right now with my motherboard...