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    Intel Smart Response Technology


      Hi.....I just install irst on a Gigabyte Z68 motherboard.I was running fine before this. Actually the system appears to be running fine at this new level driver.The problem I'm seeing is that after the irst service starts up I get a small irst error box saying I need to install 10.5.0 or higher;and I need to OK the message to make it go away.I beleive it's a false error detected in the service because is the latest and greatest.Has anyone seen this error or have a solution to it? Thanks

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          Hi there!


          I have not seen that message previously. I assume you uninstalled Intel Rapid Storage version 10.5 before installing new version, right? as this could be a registry issue.




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            Thanks......I didn't know I needed to uninstall 10.5 first before installing 10.6; that probably caused my problem. Since this all startred I downloaded a new Bios for my motherboard and missed stopping it on first boot to set it to RAID and lost my boot drive and needed to start all over with the Windows 7 install; that's when I decided  to just make my Intel 40gb SSD my boot drive amy forget about ISRT.Everything is fine and fast.

            Thanks again