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      Installed new mother board and processor , bios is recognizing the optical drives but is not recognizing any hard i put on the system - please help

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          Disconnect the power and SATA cables from your optical drive and plug them into your hard drive.  If the BIOS sees these then you either have a cable problem or a port problem.  If the motherboard doesn't see the drive then could be a bad drive.

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            I have already tried the cables from my optical drives , I have also put the hard drive on another pc and it works fine . I ran into this issue one other tme and fixed it but cannot recall how i fixed it . In desperate need of help this is a new build except for hard drive

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              Sounds like you have eliminated a hardware issue then.  I would have expected the optical drive to not work at all if there was a MB port or cable issue.


              You might want to check the BIOS to see if there are any hard drive spin-up delays enabled.  Some drives also have a jumper to delay the spin-up until commanded to by the BIOS.   Another thought might be to load the default BIOS values.  Can't help you further -- good luck.

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                ty for yor help , have done many builds and this one has me stumped hope to get an answer

                can't think of anything else to do