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    Is that normal temp. for stock i5-2500k?


      Hi everybody! First, sorry about my English Next, I wanna ask about i5-2500k and normal idle and stress temp. I bought new computer with this processor and when I was playing Bad Company 2, core temperatures (I use Core Temp. to measure that) goes up to 72 C degrees (when I was using Intel Burn Test maximum temp. was 82 C degrees). Idle temp. is about 33-41 (now I have 26 C deegres at my room ). Some i5-2500k users are saying, that they have lower temp. even when they overclocked that CPU, others are saying that I should be worry when temp. goes up to 80-85 at normal usage like playing. So I don't know what should I think about that temp. Is that normal, or not?

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          The maximum recommended temperature for this processor is 72.6 degrees Celsius, but keep in mind that this is the CPU temperature, not the cores temperature.

          You do not need to worry about the cores temperature, you only need to worry about the CPU temperature, please check with the motherboard manufacturer for them to provide you monitoring software that can provide the CPU temperature, if not you can check the CPU temperature on the BIOS of the system.

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            Other users use better cooling.


            My results with BOX cooling in BFBC2. It reached as high as 77°C for hottest core and the cpu Package. Average package power 42 W. CPU Fan 1500rpm. room 32C.



            Here comes the Linpack64 test, 82°C, 82W, 2500RPM



            Can you believe the BOX cooling is able to dissipate 82Watts, it does one hell of a job at this. Some piece of cheap metal does ensure processor works.


            So, yes its normal. other users with the box cooling have reported even higher temperatures, not to worry, it is advised to find better cooling though...

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              Thx very much