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    Compability of Windows 7 & Intel Graphic


      I have Compaq CQ43-206Tu laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

      I have found that sometime when start up the LCD too bright but colors,brightness, gamma etc I have costumize on Intel Graphic Control Panel is no change. So I must click OK on the intel control panel to return to my color setting.

      The are some laptop also have the same problem, the costumize color setting changed to default when start up.

      I have install SP 1 ,update bios also install latest Intel Graphic Driver but still but fix the problem.

      Could Intel release new driver to fix it ?


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          In regards to the first issue, I recommend you testing the graphics driver released by the Laptop manufacturer; these drivers have been customized according the system specifications, Intel graphics are generics hence these kind of issues could happen occasionally.

          Now regarding the second issue, this is an expected behavior because every time you reboot your system the graphics controller assumes there is a change with the configuration and restores defaults settings.



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            I have install graphic driver of the laptop manufacture but the problem still exist.


            The same problem also happen to my PC with E5300, Intel G41 Chipset Motherboard and Intel Graphic on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.


            But it's no problem if I was using Windows XP.


            This enough to prove there are bug on the Intel Graphic's Driver for WIndows 7.