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    DQ67EP nice motherboard but some lacks in bios.


      This motherboard is really nice but some lack in the bios are really bad.



      I don't need any keyboad on my PC because I use it like a touch kiosk.

      Each time I boot my system I have this Warning :

      bios boot.jpg

      This is impossible to supress this warning in bios settings.... This is a real lack in this bios (it exist in my 10years old bios!), I don't need to see that I don't have a keyboard each time I boot my computer ! A simple event log is sufficient.





      Other problem : Fast boot options are really nice but when you make a hard reset during bios POST the computer cannot boot anymore without keyboard !


      This option is good but by default it have to be set on "Y" with a timer of 10 seconds !




      Last thing : if legacy USB is enable in bios, when you plug USB device during Windows boot animation, windows loading freeze.


      Do you think possible that intel makes a new bios with these little corrections ?