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    Intel modular server and disconnected interfaces on server computer module


      Hello, Recently We have got some problem with Intel modular server.

      We have six server computer modules installed in Intel modular server, 2 switches, 2 scm.

      We use external port 1 (vlan 1) of switch 1 to connect with our LAN.

      So, if I turn on any server computer module and wait until OS(win 2008R2) boots completely, I'll see that interfaces related to LAN(vlan1) is disconnected, but other interface which related to other vlan is connected.

      For example, server module 1 has two interfaces (Server1:Port1 and Server2:Port2) Server1:Port1 is in vlan 1 on Switch1, Server1:Port2 is in vlan 2 on the same switch.

      To Intarface be connected, I have to do the following: Either pull out network cable from port external port 1 or switch Server1:Port1 from vlan 1 to any other vlan and then return back to vlan1

      Ather that everything works fine until server computer module will be rebooted.

      Can anybody explain me what it is?