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    Raid 10 drive failure after rebuild - Please help!


      I am running a media center PC, Win 7 Ult, on 4 x WD10EARS 1TB drives on Raid 10. The mobo is an MSI with an ICH10R chipset.


      Recently I had a hard drive failure at port 0. So I removed the disk to return it to WD. Everything still ran fine on three drives so I simply plugged in the replacement fourth drive, restarted and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager automatically started rebuilding.


      A couple of things I noticed - firstly the new drive was the only drive with 4K sectors, the others were 512 and also the firmware was different to the other three.


      I returned to it to check on progress about 2 hours later and to my horror I got a BSOD. I tried to reboot and the drive at port 1 has failed. It will not boot with either port 0 removed, port 1 or both saying the boot disk is missing.


      I've done a little research and can't find a solution that relates to this problem. It's pretty important I rescue the data as there are years of family photos on there, not to mention docs and a music collection.


      I've left it off to stop any further damage. If it helps I have a higher spec PC running Raid 0 on ICH10R which is working. The most important thing is to get the data back.


      Any help where to start with this would be greatly appreciated!!