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    How to monitor Z68 SRT performance?


      The Status tab on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology applet is showing that my current system is "functioning normally" and there is a green check box next to Current Status.  Beneath that it's showing that Accelerate (Intel Smart Reponse Technology) is configured in Enhanced mode.


      The Accelerate tab is showing essentially the same information, with green checks on the SSD and primary HDD in the Acceleration View.


      So I assume SRT is working properly and increasing the responsiveness.  I'm wondering if Intel (or anyone else) has a tool that can measure the SRT performance?  Is there a way to know how much data is actually being cached on the SSD?  And what type of data it is?  Is benchmarking software my best bet?


      System info:


      Intel DZ68DB motherboard

      Intel i5-2500K cpu

      Intel 320 Series 40GB SSD (firmware version 4PC10362)

      Crucial RAM DDR3-1333 8GB

      Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive 1TB

      XFX Radeon HD 6950 1GB video card