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    SSD Image Recovery Reliability




      I am thinking of purchasing my first SSD drive. I have done a little research in to it and it seems that Intel 320 have a good reputation for reliability. So as I like to use my PC rather then fiddle with it I figure an Intel 320 is the SSD for me. I shall use it as my OS drive and I general do not keep any data files on my OS drive just about 60gb of applications although I think this is going to grow to about 80gb soon.


      So I was thinking that a 320 120gb would best suit my needs.


      My question is to do with virus recovery;


      What I basically do is to take an image of my OS drive every week and at the slight hint of a virus attack (about once a month) I recover my OS drive from the last image which means that I would write about 60gb of data to the drive about once a month.


      Would this be a problem as far as reliability is concerned?


      Many thanks