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    Intel Desktop Utilities Hard Drive temperature Fahrenheit alert bug?


      The utility was reporting that the hard drive temperature threshold was exceeded.  The Temperature scale is set to Fahrenheit in the Options.  However, when I looked at Sensor Thresholds, I saw that all of them were using the Fahrenheit scale except possibly the Hard Drive Temperature.  The hard drive temperature setting was 32.  The alert reported the hard drive temperature was 86 degrees.


      So I set the hard drive temperature threshold to 95 degrees, because Western Digital's hard drive specifications say the drive can operate at up to 140 degrees (F).  And this setting turns off the alert.


      But every time I reboot, the threshold is set back to 32, and the sensor alarm goes off if the HDD temperature is above 32 C (or 90 F).


      (Note that the PC is in a room with open windows and a fan, but no A/C, and the room temperature sometimes is in the low 80s.)


      Is this a bug with the Intel Desktop Utilities when the Fahrenheit scale is used?


      System Info:


      Intel Desktop Utilities version

      Intel DZ68DB motherboard (BIOS version DBZ6810H.86A.0029.2011.0811.1134)

      Intel i5-2500K cpu

      Intel 320 Series SSD (firmware update 4PC10362 applied)

      Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA HDD




      Intel Chipset Device

      Intel RAID RST