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    Intel SSD on Dell Precision Workstation 670 slow write speed


      Hi,    I've decided to purchase the new Intel 320 series 40GB SSD disk as my   system drive on Dell ssd_atto.jpgPrecision Workstation 670.


      The problem is that WRITE SPEED on this drive CANNOT EXCEED 50 MB   (benchmarked with ATTO).    I've been trying different setups; on Win XP Pro x64, Win 7x64,   different controllers (on-board CERC and Adaptec 1430SA), using manually   adjusted partitions (XP x64), running Intel SSD Toolbox, proceeding   recommended optimalisations and NOTHING HELPS.


      Bandwidth seems to be cut on certain level, see the atto results.


      Read speed is, let's say, satisfying: ~200 MB/s (on 1430SA). 


      Magic 50 MB/s is not to overleap. If you have experienced similar problem and found the solution please   share.