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    Intel 82578DM - How to disable power management?




      I have lots of Dell PCs that came with the Intel 82578DM NIC. My problem is that essential software we run fails if the NIC's power management kicks in and sends the NIC to sleep. So quite simply I need to disable the power management features on these NICs.


      However, I can't do it. This is because the NICs use Intel's own drivers, and there is no option to disable it, as you can see from the pic below. Each time I go into the NIC's properties via Network or Device Manager, I see this, the first pic below.


      Does anyone know how to do it?


      If I can't, how can I uninstall the driver so that it is forced to use the Windows drivers? The driver seems to re-install itself.


      Thank you.


      - Bruce




      I get this, no option to disable power management.


      Intel 82578DM Power Management.jpg




      This is image is from an older PC. It shows what I need, an option to disable power management...


      Broadcom NIC Power Management.jpg