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    D865GBF details (nothing good)


      Hi, my PC is:


      Intel Desktopboard D865GBF based system

      Windows XP V.5.1  SP 3 build 2600


      Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 GHz

      Socket 478

      Bus speed - 800 HHz

      Stepping 9

      L1 cache 8KB, execution trace cahe 12k micro-ops

      L2 cache ADV transfer cache 512KB


      768MB RAM DIMM DDR

      Bios date 10/14/2003 BIOS size 512KB

      P11 (BF86510A.86A.0049.P11.0310141038)


      And now... when I buy the motherboard and install for first time the Win XP everyting runs nice, and the nest re-instalations same, but when I "update" the BIOS the boot was a little slow and same the windows startup, with that update of the BIOS now to install windows take ages to install, inclusive the instalation stops on the second phase on the select driver instalation and ETC, I need to install Win ME to recover the PC, and inclusive it go to slooooow to install, thw win update to XP takes more than 49 mins and during the instalation get stoped, on the first startup of windows take more time and if I no press "enter" or the space barr it get stucked. Now my question is, what is the original BIOS out fabric of the Desktop board D865GBF, acording the BIOS updates what verssion it that or what is the BIOS on these part can fix these problem I have.


      Thanks to reading and for you time.