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      there are some bugs i found in XTU when tried to setup a cooling rule for my DX58SO2.



      there is an option in Cooling/Dynamic setting up CPU and the chassis fans.

      The bug is, that this works only in XTU program. This setting is not stored into BIOS. It's just temporary in XTU.

      Open XTU, everything works, leave XTU, it still works.

      But as soon as you reboot, the BIOS jumps back to the default settings.

      No edited changes are stored into the BIOS.




      in Cooling/Static you may set the fans to static speed.

      We wanted to use this for setting all fans to 100% on very hot days.

      This would be like disabling fan control for all fans in the BIOS.

      Open XTU, Cooling/Static, setup all fans to 100%, apply and save to profile.

      All fans work with 100% now, leave the XTU, still 100%.

      Now reboot, the fans speed is not 100% anymore, until you open XTU.

      Same like above, the settings are not stored into BIOS.



      if i disable fan control for CPU and chassis fans in BIOS (say set all fans to 100%),

      i expect entering XTU to see static fan control enabled and all zones set to 100% speed..

      instead, XTU keeps it's own control settings not beeing read from the the BIOS.


      i find in XTU Cooling/Dynamic the fan control of CPU under the title IOH.

      under CPU i find the former settings of IOH, modified. The titles of CPU and IOH are swapped.




      since i found just these bugs in COOLING setup of the XTU,

      I would be very careful to edit any of the other parameters concerning CPU, memory, voltages etc.

      I would never touch them in XTU.

      We use XTU just for monitoring, hoping we get an update with relieable XTU profiles, also working after reboot.



      how to pass bug reports to the intel developping team?