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    Intel S1200BTS & Kingston KVR-memory issue




      I did check the compability list before I orderd myself a S1200BTS server board and a pair of Kingston 8GB ECC-modules and I can admit that I did not see the exact RAM model number in the list but I somehow in my own little mind thought that these modules would match.

      No luck.


      Kingston KVR1333D3LQ8R9S/8G is not compatible with the current S1200BTS and the firmware it was shipped with.

      Just wanted to ask if anyone else here has experienced the same problem and what did You do to handle it?

      I do however find it a bit strange that the board support up to 32GB ECC (4 slots) but in the comp. list it only shows 4GB modules as compatible giving it a total of 16GB installed.

      Oh well, no harm done and I feel pretty confident that this board will come to support these memorys in a future firmware update (crossing fingers and toes).


      Have a nice evening.




      Edit 2011-08-24:

      Bpedersen: Thank you for your reply.


      I bought a pair of cheap 2GB DDR3 (making it 4GB) modules for $40 just to get the machine up n' running. No Beep errors (yay!) but since I did not get any screen signal I got back to digging for a solution to this "new" and exciting problem.

      After clicking my way through intel.com I all of a sudden saw this little "Note" saying: "The iGFX feature in the graphic processor is not supported in S1200BT family  products."


      Say what?


      I sat around just staring at the text and I did not remember reading anything about not being supported in S1200BT-series before I bought this board (2 months ago).

      I guess my lack of 20-20 vision gave me some trouble here. Or am I interpreting that text wrong and infact the VGA-port is working and I am just a complete *** and somehow managed to transform that VGA-cable to a camel which you surely know does not send a working VGA-signal.

      Well, way to late now. Will keep investigating in this matter tomorrow.

      Feels like I should have gotten myself a Supermicro board. But hey, they probably have their own little quirks, like support for 8GB modules and a working VGA-port...

      Just hoping that I am the problem here and not the hardware.


      Good night.