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    DZ68DB - No boot after running Intel Express Installer Drivers


      I repeated this twice:


      Boot with Windows 7 DVD

      Install OS

      Use Intel Express Installer DVD to install drivers


      On final restart, I see the Windows Starting message, but the USB keyboard and mouse are dead.  No lights on either.  System does not boot into Windows.


      Shut off PC, restarted and Windows suggested going into Repair mode.  It couldn't fix anything, but there was a diagnostic that said Bad Driver.  Not sure which one.


      Chose to use Windows Restore Point to go back before driver installation, and Windows was able to start.


      After this same sequence happened twice, I'm trying it by installing the drivers individually without using the Intel Installer DVD.  I'll install the drivers one-by-one, and make sure system restarts after each, and will report any finding back here.


      Has anyone heard of this issue?