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    Unable to boot to an efi part on a dx58so2 board on the sata6 ports


      Just upgraded from an Intel dx58so  to an Intel dx58so2. Used my same i7  processor and memory. Using 2 Hitachi 2tb 64m cache sata6 drives with  an EFI partition.I set the bios option to efi boot and loaded all  drivers from the cd and then went to Intel site to update with the  latest drivers. Plugged both drives into the blue sata6 connectors but  when booting I get a PXE-E61 Media test Failure then it exits the Intel  Boot agent. Changed both cables,still failed to boot. Frogged the cables  so to boot to the other sata 6 ,still same issue. When I moved the boot  cable over to the sata3 jack everything boots up fine.Left the 2nd  drive on the sata6 plug and can access it fine. I did load the sata6  driver from the folder (labed Drivers to be manually installed) on the  Intel disk which hasnt help.I've tried everything. Has anyone  experienced this??