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    different RAM compatibilty of D945GCNL motherboard


      Hi friends,

           I want to upgrade my RAM to 4GB / 5GB.

          Currently My ram :2 *1GB (667MHz both) .

         tell me best combination ....to suite my motherborad.

      My motherborard is: D945GCNL.

      is this motherboard can support 4GB RAM??


      tell me Can i use

      1->3GB in slot1 & 1GB / 2GB in slot2 ?

      2->2GB in slot1 & 2GB / 3GB in slot2?

      3->4GB in slot 1 & 1 GB in slot2?


      is there any problem.for motherboard...having  RAMs at different(size & processing speeds) capacities???


      is this motherboard can support DDR3 RAMS???