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    Intel D975XBX2 & DP965LT PS/2 Keyboard Comparability Workaround Needed!


           I own two pieces of Intel MOBO, D975XBX2 and DP965LT respectively, both were bought in 2007, with the latest BIOS update installed. They have a same problem: Their PS/2 keyboard ports have compatibility problems with older types of keyboards; In my case, it is an IBM model M 52G9700 built in 1994.


           The synptom is that the board cannot detect the keyboard upon a normal cold boot (which will be logged as a "keyboard not found" event in BIOS), and the keyboard will be freezed in the OS, but things will be fine after a reboot. Also, the keyboard can work (be recognized) normally after a complete self-diagnosed boot, which takes longer time and can be activated by unplug the power supply for a while and plug it again. However, there is no such option to toggle quickboot "off" in BIOS settings.


           Besides, I own a Gateway FX570 desktop, which uses an Intel OEM 975X board(D975XLAG), and that board use the same SMSC LPC I/O chip as 975XBX2 and 965LT, but the Gateway can work with IBM model M without any problem. Therefore, I believe this issue is caused by a bug/glitch in BIOS programming. Actually, many other Intel users have encountered the same issue as well, as seen in http://forums.legitreviews.com/about8313.html. I hope Intel engineers can investigate and solve the problem in time.