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    2D DirectX graphics display problems on Intel HD Graphics (2000/3000)


      The old 2D DirectX 8 games have problems with the display of graphics on the graphics card Intel HD Graphics (2000/3000). This is manifested in the form of a black screen (but the game works, you can hear the sound, etc.), partly not update the screen or not traced graphics (maybe a problem with video buffer?). For example, in the games "Red Alert 2" and "Space Rangers 2". I have personally tested it on Intel HD Graphics 2000 (Intel Core i5-2400) and Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Intel Core i5-2410M) for drivers versions,,, On the discrete graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD are all is good on the same system (with same hardware and OS), but with NVIDIA GT520M card through NVIDIA Optimus on Intel HD a same problem (the same video buffer?).

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          Have you tried lowering screen resolution?


          Did you test changing 3D settings within graphics control panel?


          Does your game offer changing screen settings within game properties or game settings?


          There are some games that Intel tested for your graphics controller, as a recommendation, check the list of tested games and see if they are compatible:







          Dago MC.

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            Yes, I tried to change the resolution settings 3D settings within graphics control panel and game settings. None of this helped. But found that in Linux under "Wine" all works well, hence the problem in the drivers under Windows? I very much hope that it will be checked and fixed.

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              I too have the same problem and the problem lies somewhere between Win7 and the Intel Hardware.  [i.e. the driver implementation of old DirectX calls]


              I have at the worst times, no video. Or at best, partial video. The display shows nothing until a redraw occurs due to mouse movement through the "frame"/"canvas"/"background".  Please double check the 2D proc calls and display buffer.  Tnx.

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                I have followed instructions here: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/7223/tutorialcopy.jpg and resolved the above issue on a Sony Vaio VPCEH laptop with Intel HD Graphics 3000.  I was stuck at Step 2, as I was seeing both a '1' and '2' display.  I removed the '2' display by selecting it, and choosing "Remove Display" under "Multiple displays."  I am unable to reproduce the removal now; the option won't appear, no matter what I try.  Earlier, though, that's what I needed to do to get my '2' display(TV that was connected earlier, to try a proposed fix involving an external display. This connection did not do anything to resolve the issue with Red Alert 2) to appear as in the image in Step 2 of the above link("Another display not detected"). After it resembled the tutorial, I continued without problems.  I do not show anything about an nVIDIA adapter in this machine, only the Intel HD Graphics 3000.


                The only problem I've seen since fixing the black screen, menus missing, etc. is the aspect ratio will not widen for the 1366x768 screen. I've entered it manually in the ra2.ini file, with no changes.  The result is a squished options page when selecting country, color, etc.; the inability to click "New," as the two buttons are taking the same space up; a misaligned map name and info., but the ability to still choose from all of the options.  Overlapping is really the only display problem.  The text changes when I click thr combined New/Join button, but the program keeps displaying that I need to select a game to join.  Gameplay seems fine.


                Also, I renamed "ddraw.dll" to "ddraw.dll.OLD."  This file is in C:\WESTWOOD\RA2.  This was a required step for the black screen, text missing problems to stop.


                If I think of anything else, I will post again.  Hope you have success.