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    RAID 5 with S3200SH Series using Intel Matrix RAID


      Hi all,


      I have a clients CCTV server here and we are doing a fresh configuration.


      S3210SHLX + SC5299BRP + 4GB Kingston + Q8400 CPU

      Storage config to be:

      2 x WD 1TB RE4's in RAID 0

      4 x WD 1TB RE4's in RAID 5



      The problem is that even when the SATA Configuration in the BIOS is set to RAID and Intel Matrix Storage the OPROM for the Matrix RAID Controller does not show itself. Instead it just loads the AHCI BIOS.

      After performing an update with the latest firmware and BIOS the Matrix RAID Controller still will not take effect. I also have the problem that the dual onboard nic's are greyed out in the BIOS!

      S3200SH_BIOS52_BMC39_FRUSDR15.zip is the latest updates that I applied.


      The BIOS/Firmware update was performed via the EFI console with the automated script supplied by Intel.


      I have been tearing my hair out all day to get this going and no such luck.

      Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I need the machine up and running by Monday 9am.




      Cody @ I'm I.T!!