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    Problem with DZ68DB mainboard/software


      Hello peeps


      -- English Version below --


      Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Dz68DB Board (warum ist es bei Support nicht in der Auswahl enthalten?) Und zwar:
      Nach den Updates (benutze Win7/64Bit) habe ich Virtu installiert. Da gibts eine Fehlermeldung
      "Can't run with current GPU configuration. Disabling Virtu and exiting
      (Remember to enable virtu after the problem is fixed)". Was könnte das
      Problem sein? Der PC ist noch recht "nackt", die MB-Treiber sind
      installiert (aktuellste Version), sowie die Updates, Intels Desktop
      Util, Virtu, Adobe Reader und FF/TB. Weiter nichts. Oder liegt es daran,
      dass ich Windows im "klassischen" Anzeigeschema betreibe?


      Die Desktop-Utilities zeigen beim HW-Monitor unter Temperatur
      "Other/Unknown Temperature" 36°C an - da ist ein roter Punkt, offenbar
      ist das zu viel. Was ist das für eine Temperatur? :-)
      Update: inzwischen ist die besagte Temperatur 42°C und zuvor ist Win mal
      eingefroren, musste komplett auf Reset Button drücken. Nicht gut.
      Was ist da? Hilfe!


      Danke im Voraus.


      --- English: ---


      I've got a problem with the Dz68DB board (why isn't it listed in the dropdown at support btw?) namely:
      After instaling the windows updates (i'm using Win7/64Bit), I installed virtu from the downloads for intel 6series (I hope that's correct)
      When trying to start virtu, I get the following error message: "Can't run with current GPU configuration. Disabling Virtu and exiting
      (Remember to enable virtu after the problem is fixed)"- what could be the problem? The PC is quite naked, only win updates and board drivers were instaled.
      Or could it be the reason that I use windows classic skin?


      At Intel desktop utilities -> HW monitor -> temperature I got everything green exept one: "Other/Unknown Temperature" shows 36°C with a red point, maybe that's too much?
      What is this for a temperature?
      A few minutes lates, the PC froze, and I had to press the reset button because Nothing reacted. That's worst. What could that be?


      Thanks in advance





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          The problems that you are having could be related to a number of causes.


          To begin troubleshooting the system restart issue, please ensure that the memory you are using is fully supported.  I can check that for you if you provide me with the system memory specifications (brand, model, speed, size, voltage and timings).


          Also, please provide me with the model of the PCI Express* Graphics Card that you have installed.

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            When I bought the RAM, I searched supported ones. I hope, I didn't made an mistake here.

            I've got 2x4GB (Kit) DDR3-1333 from Transcend CL9.


            Graphics card? None, since the MB has an integrated GPU. I'm not gaming just HD viewer and encoder. Several ratings said, the internal graphics are sufficient for HD.

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              Thorsten - There have been numerous discussions in this forum re the IDU temp problem. Here is a link http://communities.intel.com/message/133666#133666. Regards. Peter

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                You shouldn't be trying to enable Virtu if you don't have a descrete graphics card installed.  It is intended to bridge the integrated graphics controller with the descrete graphics controller.


                I doubt that is the cause of your freeze-up issue though.  You should check your CPU temps to make sure that these are not being exceeded.  I would suggest you also try to run some memory tests to verify the memory is working correctly.

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                  oh, virtu is only applicable when using a seperate graphics card? Thanks for the input, that solves one of the problems. I read in the usenet, that cou can configure energy savings on virtu, so I thought it's for all systems.


                  what's with UEFI, though? I did install it, but don't see anything configurable. In several HW tests, I saw screenshots of an UEFI config menu looking similar to the bios.


                  Where (which program) do you normally switch on SSD caching? I won't use the caching feature, since I installed windows directly on a SSD, but the windows start is extremly slow for an SSD (almost as slow as from HDD) since the windows updates were installed (before that, is was as fast as expedted).


                  Thanks and regards,


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                    must installed descrete graphics card in order to install virtu.

                    in bios must set always enable the IGD.