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    Can't get specific resolution on external monitor




      I've got 2 laptops: Dell D410 (4:3, native 1024x768) and HP Compaq (16:10, native 1280x800) and I have an external monitor with 1280x768 resolution.

      I can get 1280x768 on my monitor using Dell, no matter what i have set up on internal display. Problem is when i want plug in ext monitor to HP. No matter how i try i cant see 1280x768 resoultion. Of course i don't use clone or extend display, just single display, or internal or external, so there is no interference caused by internal display resoultion boundaries. As far as i know if i switch between displays, options shown in display properties are taken from display you actually use. I have to mention i have same graphics adapters on both  laptops: Intel GMA 915.  According to all above who cares what kind of display is in laptops because resoultions are taken from attached device, right?


      So who can explain why i can't set up 1280x768 on HP laptop, using same graphics adapters, same drivers, etc?