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    Problem teaming Pro1000PT dual nic with LACP in Windows7


      Hi there,

      just setup a link aggregation of a 1000PT dual nic to a dlink DGS-1210-24 via LACP. I'm using a desktop system with W7 Ultimate. This config works great until my system goes to sleep (S3 mode) and got waken up again. The virtual team adapter isn't "responsive" anymore, meaning it provides "limited network access" only. In fact I can't even ping any network device, internet access isn't possible of course. The status of the team properties says, that nic#1 is up and nic#2 is in standby. The "team" stays in this state, until I disable and enable again the team's virtual network adapter. Well, this isn't very pleasant for me...


      I changed many option already, always hoping for improvement: Jumbo frames off (9KB), fixed link speed (1GB/s), disabled "slow link speed while in powersave" and even other less sensible options. Nothing helps.

      Allthough I saw some posts here, which describe very similar cases, I found no hint which solved my specific problem (or even matches my specific setup).

      Help or ideas how to continue with analysis is highly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.