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    Intel DZ68DB + i7-2600K + ATI HD5670


      Dear expert,


      no display if primary video adaptor set to Auto in BIOS when monitor cable plug into HD5670. has display after chage to Integrated graphic.

      wonden why in Auto mode, it won't auto detect which graphic was using?


      video configuration in BIOS mode..

      Integrated Graphics Device - Always Enable

      IGD DVMT Memory - Maximum DVMT

      Primary Video Adaptor - Auto

      IGD Primary Video Port - Auto

      No Video Detected Error Beeps - Enable


      another configuration if

      Primary Video Adaptor - Manual

      Detected Video Device Priority - IGD - Intel(R) HD Graphics

                                                     Slot 7 -PCIe x16 - AMD

      also no display if monitor cable plug into HD5670 Graphic card.

      has display after change to Intel(R) HD graphic.