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    Problem with Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN - Not connecting




      I have the following problem:

      I have a laptop that uses the wifi link 5100 agn and I recently upgraded from Vista to 7.

      In Vista everything worked fine, however now I cannot connect to my network(even though it is listed on the "Available Networks").

      In order to test if the problem was the password encryption or even if I had to switch from WPA to WEP, I set my router to unsecure, nevertheless it wouldn't connect.

      Finally, I set static IP (in order to see if the problem was the DHCP), but still the problem remains.


      I have the latest driver from the website.

      The IntelPro pointed out that the problem is on the association phase, however the troubleshooting available there didn't help.


      I'm using Windows 7 Professional and I'm trying to connect to a Thomson TG858 v7 router.


      Does anyone have any idea on what to do next?


      Thanks in advance!