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    DQ67EP - does RAID mode always inhibit Hard Disk Drive Password Security?


      Hello community,

      I wonder about an BIOS functionality  - Hard Disk Drive Password Security -  of the Desktop Board DQ67EP.
      The Technical Product Specification states at the bottom of page 69:
      "As implemented on DQ67EP, Hard Disk Drive Password Security is only supported on SATA port 0."
      and further: "Hard Disk Drive Password Security is not supported in PCH RAID mode."
      This Board DQ67EP offers four internal SATA interfaces:
      • Two SATA 6 Gb/s ports (blue)
      • Two SATA 3 Gb/s ports (black)


      I would like to attach a System Drive at SATA port 0 and implement the Hard Disk Drive Password Security.
      SATA port 2 and 3 should be set as RAID 1
      So, my question is whether RAID mode is a global setting or if it can be limited to SATA port 2+3 in oder to still allow Disk Drive Password Security to work on SATA port 0 ?
      Thank you for any suggestion!