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    Spontaneous reboot when trying to load OS


      I'm trying to upgrade a previously stable, but somewhat slow, Windows XP system. I'm using an Intel DQ57TM motherboard with an i5-650 3.2GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM. I've also got a PCIe video card and PATA controller for a legacy CD-RW drive, but have taken both of them out of the loop as I try to troubleshoot the system. The system goes through POST and then goes as if it's trying to load the OS (I get the option menu for Safe Mode, Last Known Good, etc.) but no matter what option I choose as soon as it gets to the point where I expect to see the XP logon logo the system reboots. The first few times I tried it I got a BSOD for about 1/2 second, but now I don't even get that.


      No SATA optical drive and the mobo doesn't have integrated controllers for PATA CD drives or a floppy drive, so I'm not sure how to boot to a point where I can flash the BIOS, if that's what's needed.


      Any ideas?

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          Try the bios under the Configuration menu, change Sata Drive Mode, AHCI to IDE

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            Good idea, but that wasn't it. It was already in IDE mode. Just to be sure I also tried both AHCI and RAID, but same exact results. POST completes, Windows asks me if I want normal, safe, etc, and then whatever I choose results in power cycling.

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              For those who are interested (or may have the same problem) I finally got hold of a real live person at Intel who explained that the upgrade was too big a step for the OS to handle. The solution was to invest a few bucks on a SATA optical drive and boot to the XP CD. Select "Setup" at the first option and then "Repair". I had to re-enter the license code and so on, but was finally able to get it to the point where XP politely advised me that I couldn't log in until I activated that copy of XP. Of course, typical Microsoft Catch 22 here . . . can't log in until validated, can't validate until connection to the Internet is established, can't establish that connection until NIC drivers are installed and can't install drivers until I'm logged in. That's a solution of a different (Microsoft) color. If anyone wants it, email me at wfpeifer@peifercomputing.net.

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                In case you had previous system with much much different chipset and sata controller, that would have been the reason for reboots. For example all recent intel chipsets are compatible and it doesn't seem too big of a step if you tried to port the already indtalled windows xp to ICH10. But you had something entirely different, clean install is a must.