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    Firmware update tool???


      So, I got word of the updated firmware for intel SSD today.


      This seems like a good thing as I don't want to brick my 320/160GB!


      Trouble is, the tool doesn't appear to work with my system (Gigabyte ep45-ud3r).


      I've read the directions and watched the video and followed them both to the very letter.


      I've burned a series of ISO discs with different burning programs and tried more than one Optical drive all to no avail.


      The system cold-boots (as per the instructions) and the POST screens all flash up for a moment.


      But when the system goes to load an OS, all that happens is that the word FreeDOS appears with a blinking cursor immediately behind it.


      That's it, and I'm fairly certain that same screen would remain up there all night long were I not to ctrl-alt-del out of it.


      I've seen this happen about twenty times now, and believe that I'm wasting my time.


      Yes, the drives are all set to AHCI in the BIOS.


      Something really does appear to be crashing the FreeDOS proggy, but I have no idea whatsoever as to what that might be.



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          leave only ssd and dvd connected... try different sata ports if you have addon sata port chip..

          yellow sata ports should be intel and pink should be marvel or something... so use intel ports

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            Change your SATA mode (in BIOS) to Compatible and try again...?

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              The system-board CMOS settings really don'a allow for that. Rather I've got the following options for SATA:






              That's it for this implementation of the intel P45 chipset.


              At this point, I'm having a hard time believing that the intel solution isn't fundamentally flawed, being rather a sort of CYA solution that won't work with a lot of motherboards.


              BTW, the mobo has an Award BIOS.

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                I guess your best bet would be to take the SSD out (of your current motherboard)

                and into another motherboard to update the firmware on the SSD.


                I heard/read somewhere that nVidia chipsets are not recommended.

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                  That's probably what I'll try next.


                  I'll post as to how it turns outs.

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                    The SATA Mode of "Disabled" is just a different name for “Legacy”,“Compatibility”, or "IDE" mode.  Each motherboard manufacturer calls it a different thing.


                    Just set your storage contoller to this SATA mode and then boot on the disk.  Don't forget to re-enable your original SATA mode after rebooting.

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                      Looks like you're right. A quick look at the motherboard manual shows the following,



                      SATA RAID/AHCI Mode (Intel ICH10R Southbridge) 1
                      Enables or disables RAID for the SATA controllers integrated in the Intel ICH10R Southbridge or
                      configures the SATA controllers to AHCI mode.
                      Disabled - Disables RAID for the SATA controllers and configures the SATA controllers to
                      PATA mode. (Default)
                      RAID - Enables RAID for the SATA controllers.
                      AHCI - Configures the SATA controllers to AHCI mode. Advanced Host Controller
                      Interface (AHCI) is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to
                      enable advanced Serial ATA features such as Native Command Queuing and
                      hot plug.