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    DP67BG with Delta1010 problem - crackling and slowed down sound at 44100 Hz and above.


      My M-Audio Delta1010 soundcard gives me crackling and slowed down sound on this new DP67BG motherboard.


      It seems to play fine when sample rate is set to 32000Hz or lower, but when I put it on 44100Hz, the sound is just crackling really bad and plays slower and slower as I push the sample rate higher.


      I tried every suggestion I could find on the net, like enabling the High performance power plan, disabling Intel's Speedstep tech in BIOS, C1E and EIST off with the utility ThrottleStop 3.2, etc... I can see that my CPU is always running 3392.4 MHz without ever slowing down from Intel's Extreme Tuning utility... yet it still doesn't work.  It seems I'm not alone with this exact same problem.


      • M-Audio Delta 1010 (tried drivers and
      • Intel DP67BG motherboard (AAG10491-305) (Sandy Bridge Rev. 09) (P67 Rev. B3)
      • Win 7 64bit SP1


      Please INTEL, fix this problem!

      I just bought this brand new PC with PCI slots so I could use my Delta1010 just to realise that IT DOESN'T WORK!  Great!!