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    Console Redirection with Intel server boards?


      I have to manage two servers with Intel boards, one with a SH3200 and the other with a SH3420 board.

      I would like to administer these servers using the BMC SOL feature, so that I don't have to go to the server room when I am installing another OS or somthing else.

      I have been looking for a couple of days, downloading tons of different tools like IPMIUtil, Intel Active System Console and many others. However, I still don't know how to connect from a Windows client to one of the servers, so that I can see the screen content just as when I would be sitting in front of the physical machine.


      With Supermicro servers, this is no problem. I just enter the BMC IP address of the server in my browser and I see a comfortable menu with all what I need.

      Please tell me:

      Is this a Supermicro specific feature or do intel boards have this capability too?

      Can I administer the above mentioned boards from remote and if yes, which software or which URL do I need?


      Thanks in advance