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    CIR header


      My HTPC uses DZ68DB motherboard, and I wonder how should I connect IR led to CIR back panel header? Does mb itself limit the current, and if does what's the limit? I'm willing to use 0,5W power led installed to my case to avoid any extra cables. Or is it a stupid idea? What should I do with the jack detect pin? Connect to ground?


      Does front panel CIR header LED pin work as a transmitter too? If so, I wonder if following ebay item works also as transmitter? At least picture shows that it holds one led and place for an other.




      Otherwise it seems similar design to the one expained in this powerpoint document:




      My goal is to control my whole system with just keyboard and mouse. Or at least switching on / off the TV (monitor) and Amplifier plus adjust volume from the amplifier. So I need the receiver only for teaching commands to my htpc.


      I cannot believe how Intel doesn't provide sufficient information about the CIR. And how difficult it is to find any information about it. Someone must have figured out these things.