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    Blue Screen of Death


      I have an Intel DP45SG Motherboard with a quad core duo 2.83 Mhz processor and 4GB DDR3 10660 memory Brand: OCZ.  The machine has run without a hitch for almost 2 years.  I decided to upgrade to 8GB of memory.  I upgraded the Bios to the latest on the Intel site.  I've purchased 3 sets of memory now.  All of which will not function correctly.  I've left all the bios settings on AUTO


      Crucial Sport 2GB x 4 1333 DDR3 - will not boot - just 3 beeps that cycles

      Crucial Ballistix 2GB x 4 1333 DDR3 - will boot but blue screens every few minutes with many different reasons - all of which are memory related

      Patriot G2 2GB x 4 1333 DDR3 - same as the Ballistix - boots but goes right to blue screen after 1-2 minutes


      Replace the original memory and its back to the rock solid machine I am used to.


      Does anyone have 8GB of memory running on the above board.  Intel Extreme Series DP45SG


      Thanks for any help you can give