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    Intel Rapid Storage RAID 5 error, "Missing Drive"


      Just recently I purchased a new motherboard for my PC due to the fact I had a motherboard with the defective 67 Intel chipset. The reason I bought the new motherboard was because I started getting drive failure reports on all the drives and I made the assumption that it was due to the SATA ports "degrading".


      After installing the new motherboard and reinstalling windows on my 500gig drive, I wanted to get my RAID5 array working (3x 2TB Western Digital Greens). Unfortunately, only one of the drives is being recognized as a RAID drive as part of the RAID array. The other two are being considered Non-RAID disks.


      The Intel Rapid Storage application can see the RAID array but only sees one of the three disks, the other two disk are still in the "Storage System View", but not in the RAID array. (Screenshot)


      My system specs are:

      Intel core i7 2600
      Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3 (Specs)
      8gb Corsair RAM
      NVidia GeForce GTX580
      1x 500gig HDD 3x 2TB Western Digital Green

      I'm wondering how I would be able to add the drives back to the array. I did back up the most important stuff on the array to an external drive, but there is still a lot on there that I would prefer to get back.


      Also, the previous motherboard I used was an ASRock H67M-GE (Specs).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          If the RST recognized two hard drives as a non-RAID the only option to recover the RAID 5 will be testing each of these hard drives on a different SATA port one at a time and check if the RAID option ROM detects the hard drive as part of the RAID, otherwise you may try a 3rd party recovery software, most of them could be found on the Internet.


          If this does not work then the only option will be creating the RAID 5 since the scratch.