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    DP67BG (B3) seems to boot slow with SSD (Intel 510 120GB)


      Hello, I have set up my new system for testing purposes to find out overclocking possibilities and playing a little in the bios setting. I noticed a relative loong boot time even I am using a Intel SSD 510 (120GB) system drive. (Why is the ******* RETURN key not working in this editor ?). After i playd a while with the system and figured the most out, i set it up new today. The ssd was secure erased befor installing win7 x64. I compare this system to my previous system ( Asus Rampage Gene II, i7 920). The intel board does a really nice quick post and boots the system. When it comes to this pulsating windows logo, this logo apaers for about 10-15 secound till the logonscreen comes up. In my previous system this pulsating windows logo is even not fully displayesd and the logon screen  comes up. All in all with the absolutely fresh installation the total time to the logonscreen is about 30 secounds, still fast, but this is only because the intel bord does it post so quick. Systemboard: DP67BGB3, the only drives attached are the SSD 510 ( SATA 6GB port) and the DVD rom (Sata 3GB port) total 16GB Ram and the EVGA GTX580 plus WLAN (PCIe). Is this noticed by someone else the same way? Thanx in advance.

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          There are various different potential causes for the problem. To begin troubleshooting, I'd recommend disconnecting absolutely every device from the system, including hard drives, optical drives, USB devices...


          Boot your system with just the board, video card, processor and one system memory module (use the blue slot closest to the processor). Let us know if the boot time decreases.