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    Intel S5000XVN - 0xE4h Error


      Hi all,


      I have been using a workstation with the above board for many years, never had an issue until this morning. Powered on from cold boot and the system fails to start. After looking at the codes, I am getting the 0xE4h error - meaning that something is failing at the Entered EFI Driver execution phase (DXE). No video is displayed, and the system seems to soft power cycle itself every 20 seconds after hitting the 0xE4h (little click noise, no change in fan speeds or anything).


      I see that others have resolved this issue by changing jumpers on J1C3 to load the backup bios/ clear settings etc, but issue persists. I have also taken all the memory out, and I get 3 post beeps. I have checked each memory stick individually (KVR667D2D4F5/2GI) - but the issue persists.


      Is there a way to recover the system, change some jumpers to force a new bios load or something from USB or something at all which I could do?


      If you could let me know of any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.