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    D945PSN audio not working


      Both the front and rear audio jacks produce no output to brand new speakers, and the Windows troubleshooter detects no headphones or speakers plugged into these ports when they are plugged in.


      Audio is enabled in the BIOS.  Is there a jumper I need to enable on the motherboard?

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          Piriform Speccy says there is no audio card detected.

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            You should be able to find a users manual for this board on the download section - that'll tell you everything you need to know about the board. I've not heard of jumper configurable audio on boards of this age so as long as audio is enabled in the BIOS (and you save that setting when you exit BIOS setup) that should be it for hardware setup.


            Do you have the correct audio drivers installed on your operating system for the board (again available through the Intel website download page) and what is device manager listing related to audio - are there any exclamation marks present?


            Could it be something as simple as the new speakers needing batteries or plugging into a power supply in order to work properly (most do)? Is the volume set low or muted either in Windows on with a knob on the new speakers? If you plug in your old (known working) speakers or headphones and these work fine, then it'd confirm the problem as being something to do with your new speakers.

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              I've just spoken to Intel support who say this board is no longer supported.


              It isn't compatible with Windows 7 either.


              Win7 allows you to install drivers in WinVista mode, but when I try that the driver installation wizard says the audio card is not supported by the driver software, even though the driver software is specifically for this board and for Windows Vista.


              Device Manager shows no devices with a warning.  There is a system speaker, (which doesn't work).


              The speakers are turned on and connected via USB.


              Control Panel > Sound shows three playback devices:

              • Speakers (not plugged in)
              • Headphones (not plugged in)
              • Digital Audio (S/PDIF) High Definition Audio Device (Default Device, working)


              The speakers and headphones always show not plugged in, whether there is something plugged into the front or rear jack or not.

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                SRD wrote:

                The speakers are turned on and connected via USB.

                Are these USB speakers which incorporate their own sound chip or is it that they simply get their power from the USB port (ie they also have a 1/8" stereo lead as well)? If the former, then you should need specialist drivers for the speakers as well.


                I'm using Vista Drivers on my Win 7 PC at the moment (because the current Intel provided Win 7 drivers for my DG45ID board have bugs). Although the drivers have some issues under Win 7, they are at least stable - your mileage may vary when it comes to using drivers designed for different OSs though. Will these drivers install without using compatibility mode? If you uninstall the audio drivers using Windows Control panel (or on a fresh Windows install) are there native (Microsoft provided) audio drivers for your hardware - for Intel HD Audio, this is often the case and in the case of my board, these work OK to give decent sound.

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                  They simply get their power from USB, and have an additional lead which fits into the green audio jack.


                  I get the same message when installing the drivers without compatibility mode.  The driver installation wizard never completes, so there are no audio drivers listed in Add/Remove Programs.


                  If I do a detect new hardware in Device Manager, no new audio devices appear, and there are none currently listed.

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                    In device manager, look for any devices with an explanation mark. There should be at least one - it may be called an unknown device. Right click on it and select update device driver and let windows search automatically for a driver over the internet - see if this gets a new driver for it. If this doesn't work, uninstall the device with an exclamation mark, reboot and let windows search for a driver again. If you find what audio 'chipset' or 'codec' your board uses (it should be explained in the manual (even on the vista driver download section) and then check the chipset manufacturers website for Windows 7 compatible drivers. Maybe it's a Soundmax chipset, in which case you can Google for some drivers (you won't be alone in having this issue and searching for solutions).

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                      SRD wrote:


                      Device Manager shows no devices with a warning.

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                        So in Device Manager 'Sound, audio and game controllers' what devices are listed? A system speaker is normally a term referring to the tiny speaker that's normally built into a case and plugged into the motherboard and which emits beeps when there are problems or at post etc. Are you saying device manager shows something under the above category called system speaker? Sorry I missed your info in reply 3 advising of no exclamation marks.

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                          There is one entry under Sound, video and game controllers:

                          • High Definition Audio Device


                          In the properties > Details tab, there are two hardware ids:

                          • HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7680&SUBSYS_00000100&REV_1032
                          • HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7680&SUBSYS_00000100


                          I think this is SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio.  I will try and download Windows 7 drivers for this.

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                            Actually a quick check of the Intel Download page reveals its a Sigmatel (now known as IDT) audio chipset on your board and NOT a Soundmax one. This means your chances of getting it working with Win 7 are better! What happens if you try to upgrade that existing driver by right clicking on it as previously mentioned? What about uninstalling it and rebooting and letting windows detect a new driver from the internet? Have you run Windows Update to see if that picks up new drivers? All things to try...

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                              I removed the device from Device Manager and rebooted, and the same device re-appeared.


                              If I Update the driver, and let Windows find one, it says the current driver is correct.


                              There are no drivers for Windows 7 for this model.


                              Windows Update finds nothing.

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                                You're choices are reducing then. It's time to do some Googling and see what you can find.as far as Win 7 Sigmatel drivers. Although Intel have some certified Win 7 IDT audio drivers, they are for newer hardware so may not install or even work but you could give them a try and see if you have any success. My DG45ID uses a newer IDT 92XX audio codec so you could try that download. If it doesn't work then unistall it in Control Panel and keep Googling. If you really want to get this board working with an unsupported OS, in the end you may need to disable audio in the motherboards BIOS setting and install a seperate (win 7 compatible) audio card.


                                Is this a new build and the only thing that's changed is the speakers, otherwise when did audio problems first become apparent? Are you sure the front audio jack ports are correctly connected to the right board header pins (after checking the case and motherboard manuals for pin allocation details)?