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    DP43BF fan speed too slow, please help


      Hello Intel supporter,


      I am sorry if my English is too bad

      I had this board about six months ago and updated to latest Bios

      Everything is ok, the system stay cool and quiet when idle, I love it

      I had 3 case ledfan total.

      One Scythe 92mm Pwm intake, rate at 12v, 0.25A (plug into front fan header)

      One ThermalTake 120mm 3pin intake, rate at 12v, 0.3A (plug into AUX fan header)

      One Cooler Master 120mm 3pin exhaust, rate at 12v, 0.38A (plug into rear fan header)

      When idle the fan speed are: 420rpm, 610rpm, 660rpm raletively.


      My problem is, when the system run full load (playing game, render…), it become hot while the fans speed seem not change at all. When I touch outside of the case, I can feel it hot.


      Ten minutes after exit the game I still can hear and see the VGA fan noise, running at high speed (3000rpm) because it hot(80 Cel) and the hot air still inside the case.

      Later I tested with the same thing except the rear fan run at fix speed ~ 1200rpm, the system stay cool and the noise acceptable. 3 minutes after exit the game and the VGA fan slow down and run at minimum speed ( ~1300rpm)


      I know that because the fan control, the mainboard and CPU have not reached the temper threshold but system run hot and may effect the other components (VGA, Sound card, HDD….)


      May be it because of the led-fans are at low rate or minimum speed too slow, but it hard to find these led-fans with higher rate and minimum speed.


      Please advise me if there is a way to speed up the fan 200-à300rpm more from the minimum speed. I think that at this speed the system still quiet and ofcourse it cool enough.

      Please make some adjustment on CPU and mainboard temper threshold, make it more sensitive so that it will always keep the system cool


      My specs:

      Mobo: DP43BF

      CPU:   E8400 with Noctua NH-C14

      VGA: ASUS GTS450 DirectCU

      Sound card: Creative X-fi Extreme Music

      Ram: 2x2GB 1333

      HDD & DVDRW

      PSU: FSP Blue Stom2, 500Watt

      Case: Cooler Master, Centurion 5 with 3 fans


      Thank you for reading, I will be glad if receive any input!

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          Try to boot to the BIOS and go to advance and check if you see the fan control. Change processor fan values to “high” or “aggressive” That will reduce the processor temperature.


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            Thank you very much for input Ricardo

            Well, As mention above, I had a Noctua NH-C14 cpu cooler to work with E8400

            The cpu has never exceed 55 Cel even at full load.

            The reason that I worry about is the system fan speed, it is run at low speed while the other components are hot.

            With this speed, it can only move out a little hot air, this will effect the VGA card performance ( I have tested with a 120mm rear fan running at 1200rpm with fix speed and the VGA run not so hot or noisy). Beside that the X-fi extrem music is also not a cold card

            I can let the rear fan always run at this speed(1200rpm) to get the system stay cool but I do not want to loose the fan control ability of DP43BF. This ability will expand the fans' life and keep the system quiet.

            My friend ask me " why did you buy the Noctua NH-C14 while you are unable to overclock with Intel mobo?"

            And I said: because I need a really cool & quiet system

            Any suggestion?


            Thank you!

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              The only way to keep an eye and probably modify the rear, front and aux fan is if the fans are 4 pin. The system fan headers support auto detection for 4 and 3 pin system fans. If a 4-pin system fan is detected, wire management is used. If a 3-pin fan is detected, liner voltage control is used, no fan control or monitoring. There are other third party options for monitoring and permit full control on each fan individually (software or hardware ). You can do a research on the web with key words like: “fan monitoring and control software” or “thermal temperature LCD display”.  If you lined up for a hardware solution try to check with the manufacturer or seller for compatibility first.


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                Thank you for your advice, I know what I should do to deal with this

                May be I should get some Noctua fan with selectable speed and forget about fan control of this mobo.

                Rather than some days it will fry my VGA and sound card