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    DP43BF Motherboard Processor and Memory Questions


      Hey Folks,

      I called tech support because I was having a problem with my motherboard. I assummed that it had failed and I wanted an RMA to return it. It has been running flawlessly for about 7 months until last week. Now, it won't POST or boot. Anyway, tech support told me something that I find really hard to swallow. Here it is:


      I am using a CORE2 Extreme X6800 processor. This processor has been discontinued and is not listed as a processor compatible with the DP43BF. I am guessing it is not listed because it is discontinued. It is a CORE2 Conroe processor.


      I was using Corsair DDR3 memory. The memory is DDR3 1600 memory. In the DP43BF, it is running at 1066.


      Here is the part that is hard to believe. Tech support told me that I have voided my warranty because I used a processor that was not listed and that I used DDR3 1600 memory.


      Can anyone confirm this? It sounds like a pretty wild statement.