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    Quake 3 very dark on HD 3000




      I'd like to play "Quake 3 arena" using the integrated graphics of my Sandy Bridge 2500K running Windows 7 64 bit, with the latest version of the intel graphic drivers (

      Quake 3 is an old game, so the performances of the HD 3000 are quite sufficient.

      The problem is that the game is extremely dark, so dark that it's almost unplayable.

      By tweaking various game variables (such as r_gamma, r_ignorehwgamma, r_overBrightBits, r_mapoverbrightbits and r_lightmap), I eventually managed to obtain a lighter image, but even like that the game doesn't look like it should: the contract is low and colors are bland.

      Does anyone else have similar issues ? Is there a solution ?