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    Start up Problems





      I recently bought 2x Kingston HyperX Genesis 4GB RAM (KHX 1600C9D3K6/24GX) to upgrade my existing RAM. I Uninstalled the old RAM and installed the new RAM. The BIOS reads the full amount of memory ( 8 GB ) but the CPU is automatically overclocked to 4GHz wich I find very dangerous with insuficient cooling.


      So everything starts up fine. Then, 5 minutes after I started to play a game, the machinr suddenly switches off, stays off for 2 -3 secs and boot up again. Then after BIOS splash screen, the BIOS tells me it couldn't boot correctly and stated a question if I should stick with the current setting or continue to the BIOS to reconfigure settings. I then also disabled the Intel Turbo Boost, so that the cpu runs at a lower GHz. Restarted and played the another game, and then the same happend again - reset and shows that message.


      Could the problem be the RAM that isnt fully supported on this motherboard or a BIOS problem


      Machine Specs:


      Intel DP55WG

      Intel i5 760 2.8Ghz

      2x Kingston HyperX Genises 4 GB 1600 MHz (XMP)(KHX 1600C9D3K6/24GX)

      HIS Radeon HD5850