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    The  DQ67SW motherboard  multi-monitor configuation.


      The  DQ67SW motherboard  product overview says that simultaneous internal graphics and add on card operation can be enabled in the bios. That configuration does exist in the performance/ bus override menu of the BIOS settings dictionary that I downloaded. The dictionary does state that menus are board dependant. Does anyone know if this functionality does work with this board or if it’s a literature misprint?

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          I believe that the feature refers to the ability of using two active displays at the same time with a Multi-monitor configuration running on Clone Mode or Extended mode.


          The option to run the internal graphics processing at the same time as a add in card has been only implemented on the Intel(R) Z68 chipset based motherboards.


          In addition, I suggest you to post this kind of future inquiries in the Intel(R) Desktop Boards support forum to expedite your concern. This is available here: http://communities.intel.com/community/tech/desktop

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            I appreciate that you've taken the time to reply. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just trying to get my facts straight. Your statement about the Z68 board sounds rather final. Since you started your reply with “I believe”, that suggests that maybe your not 100% sure on the statement that followed. I’m including a direct quote from the DQ67SW product manual downloaded from the Intel website as a point of reference.

            NOTE: The board will support up to two integrated graphics interfaces plus one PCI Express Graphics card simultaneously with required changes to the BIOS setup.

            That sounds straight forward enough. So, the question remains,

            • does this board possess this capability?
            • Is this a misprint?
            • Have product specifications changed?


            My goal is to use 3 monitors in extended desktop mode. I'm not doing anything graphically demanding so it would be a pity to shell out for an expensive multi monitor (3x) card for just basic functionality.

            Thanks in advance if anyone knows about this.