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    Intel Modular Server, VMLB, Hyper-V, Guests cannot communicate if on different Hosts


      VM Guests on different Cluster Knotes cannot communicate with each other if VMLB is used with Hyper-V Failovercluster. We have this issue also with the 16.4 Proset.



      Intel Modular Server MFSYS25 with 4 CM, 2 SCM, 2 SWM, all CMs with Mezzanine Cards.

      Hyper-V Failovercluster with Server 2008R2 SP1.

      VMLB for the Hyper-V Switch and ALB with VLANs for the Heartbeat and Management LAN


      If we Reset (Reboot) the second Switch Modul communication is possible again between the Guests.



      Any help or comment appreciated