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    Slow System I7 2600k.


      Hi everyone,


      I recently purchased a new computer. Here are the exact specs :


      - I7 2600k unleashed edition

      - Motherboard MSI P67A-C45

      - Geforce GTX 570 (ASUS)

      - 2x8g Corsair Vengeance 1600

      - CoolerMaster GX 650w

      - Samsung 17p lcd screen (1280x1024 max res)

      And a new cheap dvd player (the older one was IDE...)


      I have 2 hard disks, one of 250 and 150gb.


      However, I installed a fresh new copy of Windows 7 (after properly formating the older one). But surprisingly, Windows runs slow.. I mean i had

      some doubts in the beginning, when i saw tabs closing slowly. To confirm, I installed teamspeak 3, and started chatting.. friends said that I was lagging. With my old computer, as soon as i installed graphics drivers, windows 7 ran fast but now it is a bit slower.


      I installed every drivers from cd (motherboard, Ethernet, usb ports...). I even tried to install vga drivers from cd : same result. Then I tried the latest drivers from nvidia (believing that "maybe" cd drivers were too old).. but same result... I am out of options. Strangely, when I want to configure screen options, I have to stay at 60 hertz.. if i increase the value (75 ou 76 hertz), the screen become blur. With my old computer (core duo 2.6, gtx 260, same powersupply, 4gb ram, and same screen), I could stay at 75 or 76 without any blur. It was perfect. I don't understand anything..


      btw, I also unplugged internet connection, but same result. Si problem doesn't come from internet (for those who would tell me internet problem because of Ts3 lagging..)


      The computer was very costly and I am desperate.. Ideas?


      Thank you

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          It is better to consult MSI for such a system problem that you have.

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            The hard drives are std HD right , there's your Prob. read/ writes slow drives , invest in a SSD.

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              What kind of hard disks do you have, are those SATA drives?  Have you checked the setting in the BIOS?  Given the parts you have, the slowest hardware you have are the hard drives.  The Intel SATA interface on your board is very fast, you should download and install the Intel RST driver to use in AHCI mode, which should be the default SATA mode for a P67 mother board.


              Did you try running the Task Manager and see if a process is using all the CPU resources?  Tabs or windows that close slowly are not due to slow hard drives.  Can you check what your CPU usage is using Windows Resource Monitor?


              Your video card, driver, and monitor have nothing to do with the speed of your PC, except when you are playing games.  Your new video card and it's driver is limiting the refresh rate to 60Hz, or the cable is, what are you using, VGA, DVI, HDMI?  If your monitor has a driver, you should install it otherwise it will use the generic Windows driver which may be why you are stuck on 60Hz, if your monitor is capable of running higher than that.  You can put your GTX 260 card in your new PC and see if it makes a difference.


              Did you check your PC with the Windows Experience Index?  What is the lowest scores in that?


              MSI has all the latest drivers for your board, which you should download and install, including the latest BIOS, dated 7/2011

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                Thanks for your answers,


                Yes I actually have SATA drivers (IDA not compatible anymore with motherboard). After that, I don't know in which mode my HD are running (AHCI?).


                I don't see any unusual processes running, (only firefox, and scvshost).


                I'm using a DVI cable and I already installed monitor drivers (HP 2310 series wide LCD monitor). I can only choose between 58, 59, and 60 hertz. With my old monitor, I could go up to 75 hertz...strange. I'll try updating my bios.


                Lowest score is 5.8 on hard drives (data transfer rate).


                Edit : My screen can only go to 60 hertz max.. my mistake

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                  I tried installing INTEL RST drivers (downloaded from MSI website for my motherboard)... Error message pops up : "your computer does not meet the minimal system requirements for installing the software"..


                  When i go to BIOS, SATA CONFIGURATION is set on IDE MODE (there is RAID or AHCI mode available). But drivers won't install... so I'm afraid to make a mistake..

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                    Error message pops up : "your computer does not meet the minimal system requirements for installing the software"..


                    The reason you are seeing this message is because your SATA mode is set to IDE.  You must change it to AHCI and then the driver will install.


                    I am surprised that MSI set the default SATA mode to IDE, unless you did that yourself.  There is no danger or problem changing to AHCI mode.  The Intel RST driver may be used in AHCI or RAID mode, it is designed for that purpose.  AHCI mode provides performance enhancing capabilities for modern HDDs and SSDs, and you won't get the best performance from your PC in IDE mode.


                    Change the mode to AHCI in the BIOS and then install the IRST driver you downloaded.  If you have a problem, let us know.

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                      Thanks a lot!


                      I put AHCI in BIOS, then installed drivers. Worked fine. I installed every updates from MSI website except INTEL TPM DEVICE driver. When i download it, i have 3 files which, i guess, have to be installed manually. But in my device manager, I don't know what device it is refering to.. (TPM = Intel trusted platform chipset driver).


                      Moreover, I won't touch BIOS, as I don't know at all how to handle it (and all those "flashing" procedures)..


                      But Thanks a lot again, that really helped. Now AHCI is rcognized in the device manager!